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Our first article, a highly desired moment! To start, I want to talk to you today about Juan Romero, the equestrian heart of our finca. I want to talk about the man, the person and in his case talking about the man I already tell you how the rider is because one thing does not exist without the other …

Many already know him but for our new readers I would like to talk to you about the essence of this great horseman. Juan is a rider with extraordinary sensitivity, a man with a talent which speaks for itself, a man who works from humility and is patient to the maximum. He doesn’t need to show off or use the horse to feel more important or to attract attention, what he expresses is so true that he doesn’t need much or a stage to shine.

When he says that he lives for the horse, these are not words to be popular, words that sound nice and then cover up another reality. No, he doesn’t like horses, he loves them. And it is true that he dedicates his entire life to them, all his time, all his hours, if he is not with them physically he is united with them in deep reflection, immersed in equestrian reading and constantly observing himself to get better every day.

He lets his students participate in this depth, the more interest he shows, the more Juan begins to share his knowledge and to tell some of his infinite anecdotes from a whole life dedicated to horsemanship. Anecdotes that speak of infinite horses, moments and experiences shared with his teacher Miguel Barrionuevo, stories of shows, trips, unforgettable horses and students who have left their mark on his heart. Moments of learning, moments of joy, moments of pride and moments of tears, pain and farewells. Maybe we will tell you some of his stories here on our blog, I am sure you will love them just as much as I do, personally I never get tired of listening to them. But I will have to ask Juan for his permission …

However, just as much as Juan shares his knowledge, he closes down when he sees that the student is above all with the horse for the photo and to show off for a little while. But when he opens, he really opens up and broadens our vision. He teaches us, and I include myself because I can proudly say that I am also one of his students, horsemanship from the understanding of the character and possibilities of each horse. In theory we all know that every horse is a universe but in practice it is soon forgotten in the search for comfort and quick results. I have learned that the fast road is not worth it, neither are rush nor force. Juan teaches the importance of the base and works from there with each horse, with the older horses to correct and with the foals to form confident horses that work with joy and an open mind because they have been taken on their journey little by little. It is a joy to see horses like this because that way we can know their personality and see their joy instead of fear and submission. At the finca, the horses have clear, clean eyes, they are curious, confident, beautiful horses, happy horses who work hard every day. Thanks to Juan. They adore him. So very very much.


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